Putting the Flags Out

status viatoris – being ‘on the way’/being in a state of pilgrimage

This morning I have been slowly working my way round the village, papering every spare bit of noticeboard, shop and bar window with my enticing little advertisements for ‘corsi d’inglese’. They are eye-catching, to say the least. In fact now it is too late to rectify the situation, I wonder whether I copied and pasted rather too many colourful little flags in and around the text.

On second thoughts, Italians are reputed to be unenthusiastic readers at best (with the obvious exception of the sports pages), so more pictures than words may well work in my favour.

Everybody (and I mean everybody) was intrigued by my bustling – of course being Sunday they were all oot and aboot, so I gathered a large and fascinated audience for each sello-taping endeavour. Putting the mortification at being the centre of so much curiosity aside, at least now I can be sure that the word is out.

Happily I met a very enthusiastic American lady, who was enjoying one of several ‘aperitivi’ with her Italian partner. With a verbal kick up the kyber from her, he has promised to be my first student, and will similarly bully other locals into signing up for a bit of linguistic elevation.

Unhappily I also met a very large and belligerent young man, who was keen to tell me that his girlfriend also wants to set herself up as a teacher in the village. I suspect that he will be trailing around behind me removing my artwork, or maybe defacing it with badly drawn penises or similar. I only hope this doesn’t result in didactic pistols at dawn.

Other English Teacher, This Town Ain’t (sorry, is not) Big Enough For Both Of Us!

This is Status Viatoris, polishing her blackboard in preparation, in Italy!

5 Responses to “Putting the Flags Out”

  1. Anja Says:

    If the town wants the best, they should kick out the other one:)
    Or do you want me do to some seriously arse kicking over there?


  2. statusviatoris Says:

    Wow! Yes please! They wouldn’t know what had hit them!


  3. wageslavea Says:

    Hurray, hurray, its the start of May, flagging in the open starts today!!


  4. An admirer Says:

    Bet you’re a better teacher than wot she is innit?


  5. statusviatoris Says:

    Wageslavea! Is that a spring in your step, or are you just pleased to be reading the post?!

    An Admirer: yeah to rite, my inglish is dead gud. Innit. Wikid.


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