None The Wiser

status viatoris – being ‘on the way’/being in a state of pilgrimage

SV: Good afternoon! How are you today?

Little Old Italian Lady: Well, you know how it is. Bad back, bad legs, bad eyes. Very tired. Can’t sleep. Weather’s a bit too hot and a bit too cold. Fell downstairs last year. Doctors say I’m too old to fix.

SV: Ummmmm. Oh dear.

Little Old Italian Lady: There was a woman here looking for you yesterday.

SV: Really?

Little Old Italian Lady: Yup. Asked me if I’d seen the lady who’s always walking her dog.

SV: Well, not always, I sometimes do other things as well…

Little Old Italian Lady: So I told her I hadn’t seen you.

SV: Are you sure she was looking for me?

Little Old Italian Lady: Definitely. Lady who’s always walking her dog, she said.

SV: Hmmmm. What was she like?

Little Old Italian Lady: Blond and plump, with those trousers that don’t quite reach the ground. You know the sort I mean?

SV: I think I do, yes.

Little Old Italian Lady: Italian. Works in France in one of those places. You know the ones?

SV: Not really…

Little Old Italian Lady: Where they make things.

SV: Ummmm. Factories?

Little Old Italian Lady: No, no. She does something with the rubbish in one of those places.

SV: Ahhhhhhh…

Little Old Italian Lady: You know what I mean?

SV: No. Not really. Sorry.

Little Old Italian Lady: Got to sit down. It’s my back, you know. And my legs. Eyes aren’t too good either.

SV: Rightyho.

Little Old Italian Lady: Have a nice walk with your dog.

SV: Thank you, have a nice sit down.

Little Old Italian Lady: See you tomorrow.

SV: See you tomorrow.

This is Status Viatoris, wondering which one of us is on her way round the bend, in Italy.


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9 Responses to “None The Wiser”

  1. An admirer Says:

    But I now want to know what the blond plump lady does with the rubbish, so can you carry on the conversation next time you see little old Italian lady?


  2. Anja Says:

    Haha, brilliant conversation!


  3. sabina Says:

    Ah, Ah…that little village is full of peculiar persons!
    And this mysterious blond pops there and then? Where is she gone?
    Ehm, yesterday I saw the end of “Lost”, dear SV, so I’m ready for a new mystery to solve 🙂


    • statusviatoris Says:

      I hope that I find more satisfactory answers than those given at the end of Lost! (I haven’t seen it, sniff sniff, but I hear that it leaves a lot of loose ends and unanswered questions…)


  4. farfalle1 Says:

    Oh I hope you solve this mystery!


  5. statusviatoris Says:

    Reblogged this on Status Viatoris and commented:

    Tired Old Tales for Thursdays


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