The Tedium of a One-Track Mind

 status viatoris – being ‘on the way’/being in a state of pilgrimage

This post comes with a content alert: as much as I have tried and tried to steer my mind towards non-pregnancy related topics over the last months, I regret to announce that I have finally succumbed to the same dreamy preoccupation with my condition that I imagine affects most first-time mothers in this final stretch.

(Of course I quite understand that such a topic holds very little interest for many, so I wholeheartedly forgive you for going in search of more scintillating reading fodder, and hope that in turn you might eventually forgive me for my current one-track-mindedness…)

There is no doubt that I am exceedingly lucky to at last be in a position to succumb to such aforementioned dreamy preoccupation:

The shop has finally been tied up and put to eternal sleep, my Overseas Guides Company writing commitments have been passed to a lady living in Puglia, and my darling husband has taken over the thankless task of tussling with neighbours and daft Italian bureaucrats in order to replace our uninsulated and leaky roof with something entirely more satisfactory.

And me? I have been gifted with the indescribable luxury of being able to flee the frustrations and the potential builders’ dust, straight into the welcoming arms of the mothership and a relaxing month or so of doing little else but observing the perplexing, uncomfortable, fascinating, terrifying, unique and exhilarating changes to which my body and my life are currently being subjected.

That is not to say that this time has been without its challenges: barely four days after touching down in Blighty, my brand-new waddling centre of gravity tipped me off a perfectly straight stretch of path and headlong into the agony of a badly sprained ankle.

Just over a week after that, and I find myself struck down with intense round ligament pain (something to do with those stretchy parts that give the uterus a supporting hand during this, its time of toil and overwork).

But although I am still as permanently knackered and frequently snotty as ever I was, I have found a somewhat greater sense of purpose; as the parasitic little being within me steals my energy, my health (and a worryingly large portion of my heart) in order to become the strong and active individual now turning endless somersaults under my tummy button whilst pushing my spare tyres into miraculous peaks and crests with each flex of its still-tiny limbs.

Being given this opportunity to “enjoy” the last few months of my pregnancy in relative peace and tranquility is exactly what I had hoped for. Primarily in the interests of my health and that of the sproglet; but also because this is highly likely to be my only pregnancy (a tale for another time…) and I am suddenly very aware of the importance of savouring each intriguing moment; as one probably should every major life experience when offered the chance to do so.

So the next few weeks will be spent in quiet contemplation of my rather busy naval, reading it stories from my childhood, using my constant diet of Classic FM to assess its preferences for Saint-Saëns’ organ symphony over Rossini’s overtures and being utterly and undeservedly spoilt by the Mothership whilst indulging my cravings for sleep and books – both of which I suspect I shall soon have to do without for a very long time…

This is Status Viatoris, 28 weeks and hoping that the daft Italian bureaucrats pull their roof-deciding fingers out before she is forced to give birth on an Easy Jet flight somewhere over France…


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6 Responses to “The Tedium of a One-Track Mind”

  1. farfalle1 Says:

    Ah you, it is your hormones thus enslaving you. But good for you for relishing it – and admitting it might be tiresome (so far not). Let’s hope for no more sprained ankles and whatever it is that those round ligaments are subjecting you to. Be well!


    • statusviatoris Says:

      Those dastardly hormones – I thought myself immune from their devious ways! I shall try very hard to be well, although sometimes I feel that this is all someone’s (probably a man) idea of a joke 🙂


  2. an admirer Says:

    Enjoy your enforced love affair with the sofa whilst you can SV because in the not very distant future you’ll forget what sofas are, let alone get to sit on one! I suppose sprained ankles are quite the norm in later pregnancy, not being able to see over your bump to negotiate the terrain ahead!


    • statusviatoris Says:

      So I’ve heard! Eighteen years of hard labour (not the push push pant pant sort, I hope…) await!

      Not sure I can blame the bump for my stumble, it was more due to the fact that I am an inattentive plonker who is unable to progress in a straight line, anywhere 🙂


  3. Helen Devries Says:

    As long as it’s not Ryanair…I shudder to think what they would find by way of charges….


    • statusviatoris Says:

      Perhaps I shouldn’t travel with hand luggage, then if the worse occurs they would still only be able to accuse me of having one item in the overhead lockers (or under the seat in front, depending on the angle of thrust)…


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