status viatoris – being ‘on the way’/being in a state of pilgrimage

Home at last

Home at last

I have been trying to write a blog post for a number of days now, but something always seems to crop up at the most inopportune moments.

Beatific - for a moment, at least...

Beatific – for a moment, at least…

And that something goes by the name of Maya.

Daddy's onesie - a temporary alternative to Daddy himself

Daddy’s onesie – a temporary alternative to Daddy himself

The reason I no longer have five minutes to myself, can barely string together a coherent sentence and am lugging around udders that would do Daisy the Cow proud, finally made an appearance on Friday 10th of January at 21h32 after a fifteen hour labour followed by an emergency caesarean section, and weighed in at a modest 2.56kg.

A lady always crosses her legs

Even the littlest of ladies should always cross her legs…

And as soon as I manage to snatch an hour to myself (ha ha ha), I shall offer up the warts n’ all birth story – why the grimace? sharing is caring, don’t you know…😉 But for the moment I leave you with a few photos of the new arrival, and the unsurprising news that I am exhausted but exhilarated, terrified by my new responsibilities but bursting with excitement about what the future may bring.

Also comes with eyes!

Also comes with eyes!

This is Status Viatoris: no longer just a Modern Day Nomad, now also Mummy to a tiny daughter. Who’d a thunk it…

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22 Responses to “Maya”

  1. Miss Fletcher Says:

    She’s so sweet and lovely, I’m so happy for you!
    Congratulation my dear SV, you will be a wonderful mum.
    A big hug to you!


  2. Gil Says:

    What a little sweetheart! You are in for a real adventure. Yes, plenty of work, but her every new move will warm your heart.


  3. Helen Devries Says:

    She’s a lucky little girl to enter a world of love and care…..and such a sweetie!
    Oh, well done you!


    • statusviatoris Says:

      Thank you very much! I was expecting a stocky little bruiser, so being landed with this blond china doll was a bit of a surprise… luckily she is tougher than she looks so should survive my untutored ministrations!


  4. farfalle1 Says:

    She’s BEAUTIFUL! Am I mistaken, or is she also Perfect??! Hooray for Maya, welcome little girl. And… is that ginger hair? What splendid days for all of you. I hope you are recovering well from the surgery. complimenti!


    • statusviatoris Says:

      Thank you – she is perfect, how did you guess!!😉 Her hair is a mystery at the moment, I was hoping for it to be black like Daddy’s, but red was my second choice, so fingers crossed it goes that way!


  5. Anja Says:

    Kirsty, she is gorgeous!!! Hopefully you recover quickly, it’s been quite an experience I suppose. Enjoy every minute of her, it all goes so fast and before you know she goes to uni. besos


    • statusviatoris Says:

      Or if she takes after her Mummy, she’ll be booted out of school at 16 and head off to seek her fortune in foreign lands…🙂 Uni is probably better!


  6. Elizabeth Says:

    Congratulations to all three of you on a monumental Achievement! !,, what a little beauty!! Looking forward to seeing you all soon. E x


  7. Jo Caistor Says:

    Congratulations Kirsty: what a treasure! Clever you and clever Daddy. Do I see something of your papa in her? Welcome to the world of excessive worry and enormous joy! Much love, Jo.


  8. Susannah Says:

    Congratulations! She’s gorgeous


  9. Pammy Pam (@Pamlovesbooks) Says:

    oh how wunnerful!


  10. Gabriele Says:

    E’ una bellissima bimba🙂
    Congratulazione ai nuovi genitori🙂


  11. Camp Fustian Says:

    Belated congrats!! Somehow my RSS Reader missed this most auspicious announcement. Is she ginger-haired? Lovely, my favourite colour. Wishing you all the happiness in the world! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! She’ll grow up in next to no time, after all! PS: Am a newly minted auntie to a very assertive little baby girl.


    • statusviatoris Says:

      Congratulations to you too! How is aunthood treating you? Lucky little niece to have such a strong female role model in her life… Not sure what colour Maya’s hair is or will be. I am hoping for red, but only time will tell!!


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